Access free-text response from user without matching intent

    ## intent:intent_greeting
    - Hi
    - Hey
    - Hi bot
    - Hey bot
    - Hello
    - Good morning
    - hi again
    - hi folks
    - hi Mister
    - hi pal!
    - hi there
    - greetings
    - hello everybody
    - hello is anybody there
    - hello robot
    - hallo
    - heeey
    - hi hi
    - hey
    - hey hey
    - hello there
    - hi
    - hello
    - yo
    - hola
    - hi?
    - hey bot!
    - hello friend

    ## intent:intent_goodbye
    -good bye
    -thanks and bye
    -talk to you later
    -until next time
    -good day
    -Alright thanks
    -Thank you
    -nice to talk to you

    ## intent:intent_intro
    -Hi my name is [rishabh](name)
    -My name is [Rishabh Jain](name)
    -Hi i am [Mayank](name)
    -Hi this is [Anand Kumar](name)
    -Hi Myself [Akash Sinha](name)
    -Hi my name is [Venkat](name)
    -My name is [Sai Deep](name)
    -Hi i am [Adya](name)
    -Hi this is [Kasturee](name)
    -Hi Myself [Gopal](name)
    -Hi i am [mayank](name)
    -Hi this is [anand kumar](name)
    -Hi Myself [akash sinha](name)
    -Hi my name is [venkat](name)
    -My name is [Sai Deep](name)
    -Hi i am [adya](name)
    -Hi this is [kasturee](name)
    -Hi Myself [gopal](name)

    ## intent:intent_new_issue
    -I want to create a new Issue
    -help me create a new issue
    -help wanted regarding creation of new issue
    -How to create a new issue
    -Please create a new issue

## path 1
* intent_greeting
 - utter_greeting
* intent_intro{"name":"Rishabh"}
 - action_save_name
 - slot{"username":"Rishabh"}
 - action_hello_world

## path 2
* intent_goodbye
 - utter_goodbye

## path 3
* intent_intro{"name":"Rishabh"}
 - action_save_name
 - slot{"username":"Rishabh"}
 - action_hello_world
* intent_new_issue
 - issue_form
 - form{"name":"issue_form"}
 - form{"name":null}
 - utter_issue_created
* intent_goodbye
 - utter_goodbye


- action_hello_world
- action_save_name
- utter_greeting
- utter_goodbye
- utter_ask_intro
- utter_issue_created
- utter_ask_description
- utter_ask_summary

- intent_greeting
- intent_goodbye
- intent_intro
- intent_new_issue

- name

type: text
type: unfeaturized
auto_fill: false
type: unfeaturized
auto_fill: false

- issue_form

  - text: Hi, Tell me your name.
  - text: Bye, Have a nice day.
  - text: Hi Please tell me your name.
  - text: please summarize your issue.
  - text: please describe your issue.
  - text: "I am going to log an issue using the following parameters:\n- summary: {summary}\n- description: {description}\n"

class IssueForm(FormAction):
    """Example of a custom form action"""

    def name(self):
        """Unique identifier of the form"""
        return "issue_form"

    def required_slots(tracker: Tracker) -> List[Text]:
        """A list of required slots that the form has to fill"""
        return ["summary", "description"]

    def submit(self,tracker: Tracker,dispatcher: CollectingDispatcher):
        """Define what the form has to do
            	after all required slots are filled"""
        issue_dict = {
                'project': 'RASA',
                'summary': tracker.get_slot('summary'),
                'description': tracker.get_slot('description'),
                'issuetype': {'name': 'Bug'},
        new_issue = jira.create_issue(fields=issue_dict)
       	dispatcher.utter_template('utter_issue_created', tracker)
        return []

I was trying to ask the user for a summary of the issue, and take the free-text to set a corresponding slot. But it does not follow the story pattern.

hey @mayank071293, you can use Forms for that, you can read it here:

Hi Jitesh , I made the changes and tried to use forms, but my story pattern is not being followed.