404 Not Found - http://rasa.com/rasa/tutorial/

The tutorial link mentioned here “To dive in deeper and learn how to build contextual AI assistants with Rasa, start with the tutorial” in the getting started page isn’t working.

Looks like https://rasa.com/docs/core/slots/ is also 404ing. I guess the documentations is being revamped? A lot of people reach the docs from Google search so perhaps we need some redirect to a generic page in case these old links are not valid anymore?

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Yea. Maybe they are working on it at the moment. Let’s wait if we get an update on it.

try Using Slots

The new docs are for Rasa 1.0 and later. Docs for older versions are at http://legacy-docs.rasa.com

Hi. I have the same issue. Its getting redirected to Build contextual chatbots and AI assistants with our open source conversational AI framework and if i click on rasa core, its redirecting to the new docs page.

Try clicking the ‘core’ at the top of the page:

or go to: The Rasa Core dialogue engine

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Hi @avinash1 and all.

Maybe the page you need is this. : Rasa Tutorial

Hope it helps.

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