Wrong policy used to predict next action

I am using rasa==1.1.8 and rasa-sdk==1.1.1

Every time the tracker store has close to 150 items, the predictions of bot go haywire and it is unable to recognize the intents properly. Once I clean the tracker store (events table) from database, it starts working fine. This happens mainly due to wrong policy getting invoked for predicting the next action.

The details of config.yml are as follows:

  - name: MemoizationPolicy
    max_history: 3
  - name: KerasPolicy
    - name: MaxHistoryTrackerFeaturizer
      max_history: 3
        - name: BinarySingleStateFeaturizer
  - name: MappingPolicy
  - name: FormPolicy
  - name: TwoStageFallbackPolicy
    nlu_threshold: 0.5
    core_threshold: 0.3
    fallback_nlu_action_name: "action_default_fallback"
    fallback_core_action_name: "action_default_ask_affirmation"
    deny_suggestion_intent_name: "out_of_scope"

Has anyone ever faced this kind of issue? Am I doing anything wrong here?

@tonysinghmss Can you update both rasa and rasa-sdk to the latest versions and check if the issue still persists?

I am busy with another task. I will try to do it and then get back to you.