Why random questions are generating very high confidence

I am planning to implement single stage fallback but the problem is I am getting very confidence for completely random questions on which rasa was not trained . what should i do @kalkbrennerei pls help my domain files are domain-1.yml (5.3 KB) domain-faq-viz-b1.yml (3.2 KB) domain-faq-viz-b2.yml (5.1 KB) domain-faq-viz-b3.yml (5.5 KB) domain-faq-viz-b4.yml (4.8 KB)

my nlu files are nlu.yml (7.6 KB) nlu-faq-viz-b1.yml (5.2 KB) nlu-faq-viz-b2.yml (10.2 KB) nlu-faq-viz-b3.yml (11.8 KB) nlu-faq-viz-b4.yml (9.9 KB)

rule file rules.yml (1.1 KB)

config file config.yml (2.1 KB)