Why my interactive concert bot training only stop when the next action is ActionListen?

I ran the concert bot interactive training, it asked if utter_greet is correct action but it DIDN’T STOP; It only stopped when the action is ActionListen?! Anyone saw this before?

? The bot wants to run ‘utter_greet’, correct? Yes <-----I have no chance to input for this question

? The bot wants to run ‘action_listen’, correct? (Y/n) <— Only it stopped only for action_listen

What do you mean by “stop” ? Ending the dialog flow ?

From my perspective, it seems logical that the bot triggers action_listen after an utter_greet. What does it mean :

  • You said something like “Hello” (action_listen)

  • The bot replies with its own greeting (utter_greet)

  • The bot is then waiting for a new input from your part with an action_listen

PS : keep in mind that you are building a goal-oriented chatbot

I meant the bot should pause to let the user validate if the predicted action is the expected one. The bot should pause for each predicted action, not just action_listen. Am I right?

Yes you are right! Is it happening all the time ?

Yes. I suspect it is related to my run time environment – I’m using python 3.4, running the bot in pyCharm. Could you tell me your python version and what IDE you use? Thanks.

For rasa-core, I run python3.6.

I’m usually working with Pycharm but for interactive learning, I work in the terminal