Which is the difference between two policies format with the same policies but written differently

Hi all,

Versions: rasa 1.2.2 rasa_core 0.14.5 rasa_nlu 0.15.1

Using the rasa core, the next predicted action changes according to the defined policies within the config file. I have two config file with the same policies but written in a different manner. The config files are given below:

– Config1.yml – policies:

  • batch_size: 5 epochs: 100 name: KerasPolicy
  • fallback_action_name: ‘utter_action_default_fallback’ name: FallbackPolicy nlu_threshold: 0.4 core_threshold: 0.4
  • max_history: 3 name: MemoizationPolicy
  • name: FormPolicy
  • name: MappingPolicy

– Config2.yml – policies:

  • name: KerasPolicy batch_size: 5 epochs: 100
  • name: FallbackPolicy fallback_action_name: ‘utter_action_default_fallback’ nlu_threshold: 0.4 core_threshold: 0.4
  • name: MemoizationPolicy max_history: 3
  • name: FormPolicy
  • name: MappingPolicy

known that the first configuration has given the most accurate results, I would like to know the difference between these two configurations.

I would also like to know the main difference between the latest rasa version and rasa-for-botfront

Thanks for your help!!