Where to find Rasa Core and Rasa NLU files?

I want to know where are those Rasa Core and Rasa NLU files and I want to know how this functions working in the backend. Where to find it. Thank you

Depending on where you have installed it, this would be a typical path:

NLU: path/to/your/python/env/Lib/site-packages/rasa/nlu/

Core: path/to/your/python/env/Lib/site-packages/rasa/core/

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Bro I want to know if we enter ‘Hi’ how we get output “hello” or some other message. I mean which python files it goes and how it shows output can you tell in short if time permits you. Thank you for the previous question as I got answer. Thank you once again for fast response.:heart:

Do you have any youtube channel or any other means that has Rasa tutorials?

Hi @skjainmiah!

Yes, there is the nice Rasa Masterclass playlist on YouTube. I strongly recommend you to watch it.

Also for understanding the architecture, check out these links: Architecture & Component Lifecycle.

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