Where can I host my Rasa Chatbot when integrating in my mobile app?

Hi, I would like to deploy a Rasa Chatbot within my mobile app. I searched the whole internet to find a cost efficient way to host the Rasa bot since it is for a NGO and the application will be free to use. I found three possibilities for hosting: company’s data center, hosted servers or in the cloud. What I found is that cloud is not very cheap, further because of privacy issues we do not really want that solution. Hosted servers seems to be the best, but I do not really understand whether the app and the chatbot can be hosted on the same servers or whether RASA needs to be hosted in specific environments? If thinking of buying own servers, I guess this is not a great opportunity, right?

Thank you!

If the mobile app itself needs a server, you will need a separate server for the chatbot.

But if you want to build a mobile app that’s just used to talk to the bot, you only need one server.

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Many thanks!

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