Where can I download the weights of the trained model?

Hi all, I am working on my thesis and I would like to download the weights of the trained model. Is it possible to do so?

Hi @PiyushD17. You would have to train the model on your own dataset. As of now Rasa doesn’t provide pre-trained models but is using some pre-trained components like SpaCy language models.

Hi, Thank you for your reply. So once I train the model on my data set then can I download the model which I have trained using Rasa?

@PiyushD17 Once you train the model using the command rasa train, it will be saved inside the models directory of your project. Then you can use it using the command rasa shell. Every time you retrain the model, the new version will be stored for you as well :slight_smile:

@Juste Everytime we retrain the model, rasa will train from scratch or from the lastest model? I have a lot of data and i don’t want to it train from scratch after add more data from iteractiva learning. :frowning: