What will be the ideal configuration for a 100 question and answer bot

I am making a chatbot which will response to the platform related queries which the user might have while using the platform. Each intent has a set of questions which the user might ask. For eg.


  • What are the payment methods allowed for a deal ?
  • Sylvie what are the payments mode are available if I avail any service here ?
  • Sylvie , before I put my card details here I want to know how secure your platform is ?
  • what are the payment methods here?
  • Can I pay by cheque?

Now currently rasa is not responding correctly, even though it is detecting the intents properly, the actions are not right, it is giving response for some other intent.

Please let me know what should be the best way to tackle this situation. This is what my config file looks like.

config.yml (700 Bytes)

Have you tried using a response selector? That’s what I’d do with this use case. :slight_smile: