What Python file does 'rasa shell' call?

I would like to run the command ‘python filename.py’, and that should accomplish the same thing ‘rasa shell’ does, i.e, start the chatbot.

Where will I be able to find this Python file? In other words, what file is called when I type ‘rasa shell’?

Hello @sanjay1983,

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Could you elaborate a bit on what need you have for this over using the built in CLI already in the application?

Most of this is in the rasa/rasa/cli at master · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub though like you are asking about.

Thanks, glad to join as well!

I’m basically looking to build a chatbot for a client, and I thought I’d develop over the existing Rasa framework. The end need is to launch the trained chatbot by running a python file, instead of the existing ‘rasa shell’ command.

So how do I go about this?

So in rasa/rasa/cli, I see a shell.py But that simply contains functions. It doens’t give an output. Which python file would launch the chatbot?

Well you would have to basically create your own python file similar to the source code I referenced before. I believe you will find it much easier to just use the new shell commands that were recently added, it was meant to help with this and make it easier for bot spinup and use.

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Hello @sanjay1983 did you get something for "rasa shell " cli cmd through the python script Thank you