What is format for marking up possessives on entities (Tom's)

If I want to recognize Tom as a person entity, is it this:

- It is [Tom](person)'s

That should work. Both tokenizers (WhitespaceTokenizer SpacyTokenizer) will split the text into "It" "is" "Tom" "s".

Thx @Tanja.

Hi @Tanja, can you confirm the WhitespaceTokenizer would break on the single quote?

Here it says it won’t (the big “Warning” in the middle of the page):


Good catch. The warning is incorrect. I can confirm that the WhitespaceTokenizer splits Brian's into multiple tokens.

I created an issue to update the docs: Incorrect warning about WhitespaceTokenizer · Issue #4605 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub

Thanks again.