What do the numbers that appear while training a core model mean and where do they come from?

During the execution of rasa init, the following appears while training a Core model:

I have the following questions about the numbers that appear there:

  1. What are story blocks and why is it repeated 4 times? stories.md only has 4 stories. Does this mean Rasa processes each story 4 times?

  2. What are # trackers and why are their numbers different for each line of Processed Story Blocks?

  3. Why does the line Processed trackers appear twice but with different # actions?

  4. According to the output, there are 14 example of actions. But I only counted 11 total actions in stories.md. How to get 14?

hi @hsm207

1-3 - these numbers correspond to the data augmentation process and handling checkpoints. There aren’t docs on it so if you are really interested I would suggest looking at the code.

  1. you might be forgetting about actionlisten? that’s not shown in the stories file but is still important.

Does actionListen come after every action?

no, but it comes before every user message