We're looking for a Solutions Architect in the US!

I’m looking to hire Solutions Architects for the Customer Success Engineering team at Rasa! Ideally for this position you would have some experience with Rasa, some knowledge of ML and experience working with customers. This position would be based in the US (remote possible).

Please take a look at the job description here and apply if you think you’re a good fit! Feel free to ask me any questions about the position as well :slight_smile:

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Can i join. ?

Thank you for sharing the opening here. As an AI service provider and software development company, we hope this need can be met by us. We have several resources with experience in the field of Solutions Architecture and a strong background in working with customers. Additionally, these profiles possess knowledge of ML (Machine Learning) concepts and technologies, which we believe would be valuable in this role. Drop a message: sales@thinkpalm.com

I think this job posting is about 4 years out of date. On the otherhand… you never know… better drop my LinkedIn just in case. :upside_down_face: