Variable is assigned a value when it shouldn't be assigned

I have attached screenshot for, domain.yml, Also pasting below excerpt from Whole code is at



  • hi
  • hey
  • howdy

There are a few issues over here:

  1. When i try to say ‘hi’, somehow rasa tries to assign slot ‘fruit’ with the value of ‘hi’. Since the variable is of type categorical, slot class doesn’t assign the value. Which makes me believe that intent classification logic isn’t working right. Since ‘hi’ should have matched to ‘welcome’ intent. I am using sklearn pipeline here.
  2. I have used check points in so that I can define the flow. There is a followup question for ‘yes or no’. It is in the form of an intent. But hasn’t been defined directly in It has only been defined as a child of a story using checkpointing. But even if I directly utter ‘yes’ at agent launch, the yes intent gets triggered.


what NLU version are you using?