Validation_split in keras policy?

Hi All,

I am using the below Keras policy while training the model.

  - name: KerasPolicy
    epochs: 100
    max_history: 5
    priority: 1
    batch_size: 100
    validation_split: 0.2

As per documentation validation_split, 0.2 means that 80% of the data is used to train the model and the rest 20% will be used to test the model.

So the loss and acc are calculated using 20% of the dataset.

Will the final model will have the 20% dataset also as we are using it for testing in the train to measure how the model performs for unseen data? if not then we are losing the 20% data and it’s a big risk? we want 100% of data (intent) to train the model.

Please tell me if my understanding is correct.

hi @piyush29programmer - this isn’t really a Rasa specific question, but the idea behind using a validation set is to make sure you don’t overfit to your training data. There are many good resources on this topic online