Using RASA 3.0 Unable to SlotSet domain slot

Using a Form, when the Authenticate Action is run i attempt to use SlotSet to set a defined slot to a value, but the value is never set.

the Authenticate action runs. If the slot value is authenticated set another slot value.

e.g. If the phone number slot is valid set the ticket slot to a value. phone_number = tracket.get_slot(“phone_number”) if phone_number is not None and is_valid(phone_number): return [SlotSet(“ticket”, “123456”)] Slot “ticket” is not set as expected remains None There are no errors that show up

Found the issue after turning on --debug flags on the Rasa Server and Actions server. Reviewing the logs, the slot was indeed being set. The story order of actions was incorrect with uttering the slot value before it was set by the form authentication running…