Using Forms to take multiple user input and then perform some action

Hello All,

I want to take multiple user inputs and perform different actions based on the parameter values taken. I read the docs and got to know Forms will be a good solution for this but there is no clear documentation given from your side on this.

The versions i am using are: rasa-nlu: 0.13.1 rasa-core: 0.11.3

This is what i have done so far but still its not working.

There are 3 inputs i want from user i.e env_name,file_name and file_run_date. file:

domain.yml file:


image file:


This is my rasa_core_train file:

When i am running rasa_core_train file, i am getting following error:


Even if i remove FormPolicy from this file, i am getting this error:

I do not know what to do. Rasa enthusiasts,please help.


hey @pankhuri you can read this blog, hope this will help you

Building contextual assistants with Rasa Forms