User Engagement Analytics with Bot


I am looking for ways to analyze the usage engagement with chatbot.Once chatbot is launched how can we analyze its interactions with users and understand weak spots to improve.Is there any open source or extensions that can enabled or UI based to analyze the chatbot usage?

Hi @sumapendyala. Yes, you can use the Event Broker in Rasa Open Source to forward your events to the ELK stack for example. I think looking at high level metrics is an important part of improving your assistant, but I also think you need to review conversations to find weak spots and turn those conversations into training data. For that, I recommend checking out Rasa X.

Hey did you manage to solve your query and add analytics to your bot ?

@stephens Stephens wrote a great blog post on visualizing chatbot data on Kibana, which is part of ELK stack. Iā€™m using this as the base dashboard to implement customer engagement with our bots. Thank you @stephens.


The link for the blog wont work

i think you can navigate to that page from here

Updated blog URL