Use in Bangla

I get the following error please help me, I want to built a chatbot in bangla

in [6]: !{python} -m spacy download bn_core_web_md !{python} -m spacy link bn_core_web_md bn --force;

error: ✘ No compatible model found for ‘bn_core_web_md’ (spaCy v2.1.8).

✘ Can’t locate model data The data should be located in bn_core_web_md

Are you sure you have the right model name?

yes this is rasa_core==0.9.6

I mean the spacy model. This is an issue with spacy, not rasa, so I can’t help very much. Just that based on the error you reported it looks like bn_core_web_md does not exist.

I use spacy 2.1.8, How can i solve my problem please!

Have a look at, there is no Bangla spacy model yet. There are ways to use rasa without a pre-trained spacy model of course. Check out Language Support.

Thank you so much,dear