URGENT - Error regarding MappingPolicy apperas when trying to train a new model

HI all,

I am having an error while trying to train my model:

Training failed An unexpected error occurred during training. Error: Can’t load class for name ‘MappingPolicy’. Please make sure to provide a valid name or module path and to register it using the ‘@DefaultV1Recipe.register’ decorator.

I have added the rules:

version: "3.1"
- rule: Trigger myblueadv_complain_fee intent only when the specific entities are present in utterance
  - intent: myblueadv_complain_fee
  - entities:
    - complain
    - my_blue_adv

also i need to have a rule of the following format:

  - rule: Trigger intent based on keywords
      - intent: my_intent
      - condition:
          # Define your keyword condition here
          - active_loop: null
          - intent: myblueadv_complain_fee
          - intent.intent_name == "myblueadv_complain_fee"  # Check if the intent name matches
          - any:
              - text: "parapono"
              - text: "giati"
              - text: "paraponethw"

but this isn’t getting recognized

Can you please let me know why i get this error or what is wrong with 2nd format? Once i remove rules training is getting completed without errors

Rasa OpenSource version is 3.2.10

Thanks in advance