Urdu is not officially supported language by Rasa stack and I cannot find any documentation that present usage of unsupported languages

I am trying to create a chat bot with Rasa in Urdu. I am unable to find supervised word embedding for Urdu. Can some one help me on how to progress in this domain?.

From Rasa docs about supervised embeddings

This pipeline doesn’t use a language-specific model, so it will work with any language that you can tokenize (on whitespace or using a custom tokenizer).

For additional information (also linked there)

In case youre looking for pretrained embeddings, I cant help you. But supervised embeddings should work, whenever you got a tokenizer for your language.

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check this GitHub - mirfan899/ubot: Code of tutorial https://www.urdunlp.com/2020/04/building-conversational-chat-bot-for.html

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Have you done this? Please share. Or still want to work let do together.