Unfeaturized action

In RASA we have unfeaturized slots i.e setting values in these slots does not have any effect in story. Can we have unfeaturized custom action also. In the middle of a conversation if this action is called via HTTP api, the conversation should not influenced by this. Does RASA have this feature? If yes how it could be done.

Can you give an example?

because perhaps you can embed the integration in another action that requires some context.

Suppose, an example

User wants to make a transfer,

you have an action to validate user’s session, maybe not an added value as a conversational story but rather system level stuff, however the following action is to make the transfer so validating user session can be a method you call when you call the action make_transfer.

@souvikg10 Thanks for your response. I have understood your point. But I also need the state of the slot variables of the conversation when I call the custom action.

Can you give an example