Unable to use redis tracker store in rasa 3.6.20 using helm chart

hello champs

I’m deploying rasa 3.6.20 on the server using helm chart here is my values.yml file rasa.yaml (19.6 KB)

i enable the lockStore (redis) and eventBroker (rabbit) and Rasa works fine Now the problem is if I enable the trackerStore (redis) then Rasa pod start restarting with the bellow error

Rasa pod is working if I install PostgreSQL But if I call the /conversations/user2/tracker API then always got the empty tracker – and if I use SQL tracker then every thing goes well

one more thing debugMode is set to true but still it’s not working

need your suggestions to use redis Tracker Store and enable the debugMode

with Rasa 1.1.10 redis tracker is working fine