Unable to upload model on rasa X from my filesystem

I get the following error message when I try uploading a trained model to rasa X from my file system

Upload failed Something went wrong. Please try again.

No warning or error message is being shown in RASA X logs.

For reference, if anyone wants to have a look at logs

Hi @gaushh. Does using --debug show any additional logs?

I found a rather unconvincing solution to my problem. The error seemed to vanish on training a model on Rasa 2.0 locally and uploading the same. So, I believe that the quick-install script has been modified for usage with 2.0.

There are multiple other problems that seem to be occurring. For instance, when I try chatting with the bot, it automagically restarts.

Rasa X restarting on entering any message

You are kindly requested to look into it. Everything was working fine until I decided to reinstall (using quick install script)