Unable to Upgrade with Server Quick-Install (2.0.2 to 2.2.1, RasaX 0.33.0 to 0.34.0)

Current Version Info:

 PUBLIC KEY-----  REDACTED  -----END PUBLIC KEY-----\n"}]}

I attempted to run the following commands:

curl -s get-rasa-x.rasa.com | sudo -E bash

And I got this error in return:

Error: UPGRADE FAILED: template: rasa-x/templates/rasa-x-service.yaml:8:16: executing "rasa-x/templates/rasa-x-serv
ice.yaml" at <.Values.rasax.service.annotations>: nil pointer evaluating interface {}.annotations

Do I need to change any of my env variables, or is this an issue with the charts?

Hi Chris,

With helm, you would update the versions in your values.yml as shown here. The do the helm update command to update the deployment.


Hey Greg,

I thought to upgrade a one-line quick-install you can just run the quick-install over again, but will try a helm upgrade next. Thanks!