Unable to train my model

Module for policy ‘MemoizationPolicy’ could not be loaded. Please make sure the name is a valid policy.

Hi @Akhil1278,

Check your tensor flow version. It might be the one causing this issue

@MuraliChandran14: when i try to run pip install rasa again…It is showing that all the requirements are satisfied?

@Akhil1278 Please post your pip list and full screenshot of the error you are getting in your command prompt…

@MuraliChandran14, These are screenshots for pip:

@MuraliChandran14,These are the complete screenshot of errors while i use rasa train:

HI @Akhil1278, Did you find any ImportError: cannot import name or ImportError: Failed to load. Something like in your cmd prompt when you do rasa train.

@MuraliChandran14, ImportError: DLL load failed: The file cannot be accessed by the system.

What’s the output when you run cmd prompt in administrator mode?

@MuraliChandran14, What exactly do I have to do in cmd in adminstrator mode?

Run the rasa train in cmd prompt administrator mode. See if its printing the same error.

From your posted images, I see you are working in venv (virtual environment) and if you set it up in your OS drive. I think you are not getting admin rights to run the rasa train.

@MuraliChandran14, Getting the same error as before

Okay, It seems packages in the pip list are outdated. I think

You can remove the current venv and install again in a different drive.

If you want, you can follow this link Getting Started, on Rasa.

If still the problem persists reinstall python and then install Rasa.

Hope this helps!

@MuraliChandran14, I again installed everything using conda and its working well in conda prompt…I have another query : I have to give one of the inputs in form as text which has paragraphs in it.But when I try to give 2 paras which has a empty line in between them, it is taking the only first para as the input

@Akhil1278, Use

words= tracker.latest_message['text'].

In your actions.py, It will return the latest_message from the user just typed on the console.

@MuraliChandran14, Thank you… Is there any way i can give a pdf file as a input to rasa shell?

Nope :slight_smile: