Unable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused

Getting connection refused error on training and opening chat sessions. Please help me in resolving this issue. Here is the snapshot of the error message.

Hi Prakriti,

just for my context, are you running this locally on your laptop? If so, what operating system and rasa version are you using?

Also, it seems that you’re trying to retrain while the data has not changed. The connection refusal could be a security setting on your machine but it may be good to confirm if nothing is already running on your port 5005 (this is the port the rasa server typically tries first).

Hi Vincent I am running rasa server in the remote machine. OS- Ubuntu 18.04.2 Rasa version- 1.9.5 I am able to hit the rasa server with 5005 port number.

Can u please me guide steps which I should take to check security settings in the remote machine?

Hi Prakriti,

after googling around with your error it seems like this might be related to how you ssh into the machine. Is this a machine that carriers a GPU? I’ve found this blogpost that seems to discuss a similar error as what you’re facing. It is suggested that the error may go away if you ssh with the following flags;

ssh -Xi ...
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