Unable to detect entities in the middle of text

Hi, Rasa is unable to detect the entities when they are in the middle of text, it is able to detect only when the entity is towards the end. I trained it on both scenarios but it is not working

Ex : need yellow flowers It is able to detect entity

Ex : need yellow flowers for tomorrow It is not able to detect it.

I trained above both in data for intent “Need”

Any idea where I am going wrong ? Appreciate your help.

How many training examples do you have of both cases in your nlu file?

Just above 2 and I am trying the first and second one to see if it works. Even though the text is exact match first one was detected but not for second one. Do I need to add more even when text interpreting is exact match of trained ?

Yes, add atlest 3~4 examples of both the scenarios in the nlu file.

Thanks, will give it a try and let you know.

Thanks, it worked.