Unable to create new project

I used rasa init --no-prompt I have thousands of similar warnings which continued for 6 minutes with similar lines and then followed by a final message


what should I do now?

hi @yavula. Do you get the same if you go with rasa init?

Yes, it is the same even with ‘rasa init’

can you please tell me what can be done to clear that issue ? @Juste

which rasa and rasa-x do you have installed? Did you overwrite the domain file during rasa init?

I am also facing same issue.i am using rasa 1.2.2 with --no-prompt it overwrites domain file and without --no-prompt it does not create new project path.

Please help.

I just tried it out myself and everything works. Are you running this command in an empty directory?

And could you please explain what you mean by

it overwrites domain file

You should only run rasa init in an empty directory!