hi everyone i just want to know difference between the twostagefallbackpolicy and fallbackpolicy. I tried fallbackpolicy. but i want know about the twostagefallbackpolicy, is there any example regarding twostagefallbackpolicy. Thanks

The TwoStageFallbackPolicy is not yet part of an official release, but you can already try it out as part of the alpha version 0.13.0a5 .

The TwoStageFallbackPolicy handles ambiguous user input (classification with confidence below a certain interval) in multiple stages compared to the default fallback policy which can simply ask the user to rephrase. If the NLU classification confidence is below a given threshold, the TwoStageFallbackPolicy first asks the user to affirm an intent (you can e.g. give him a list of buttons with intents to select from). If the user then affirms the story continues. If the user does not affirm one of the provided intents, they can still rephrase.

Best checkout the documentation of it here: Training and Policies Please let me know if you have any more questions.


Ok what i m getting is TwoStagefallbackpolicy give a option for user to choose a set of intent. if bot unable to classify the intent the bot will ask the user to choose the intent.If i m right about Twostagefallbackpolicy means we have to name the intent correctly and meaningfully so that user choose the intent. i have one more question that if user choose a intent after the fallback happen, Is bot will learn the sentences time user type the same sentence the bot will get trained for that sentence or not Thanks for your reply

No, unfortunately Rasa Core currently does not support reinforcement learning.