Two Stage Fallback Policy In Msteams

Hi, I want to implement two stage fallback policy in msteams channel…but facing an error while implementation…can someone please help me out

@nik202 can you please help me out

@CAkhil Sure Akhil. You are integrating the Rasa with MS Teams so you can implement the Two-Stage Fallback Policy? What is the issue can you elaborate more? Have you seen this doc page for 2SF: Fallback and Human Handoff

@nik202 Hi…Thanks for responding…I main issue i am facing is ms teams does not support the buttons of rasa…so I am using an adaptive card in action_default_confirmation, which gets triggered in 2stage fallback policy after which the adaptive card shows the intent which has the highest confidence(other than nlu_fallback)…The issue is i cannot trigger an intent with its name i only get the name of intent not the value using the adaptive card…

I also am confused regarding the flow in 2stage fallback policy…the action asks the user regarding an intent, and give yes or no buttons…what happens if user selects no?

@CAkhil can you share some files with us? and how you triggering the intent using custom action?

@nik202 Sure I will share the files…can u clear the confusion regarding the flow on how 2stage fallback policy works?

when does utter_ask_rephrase: happen? and when does utter_default happen?

@nik202 Hi nik…could u please elaborate on that?

@CAkhil Sorry for the late reply, please can you see this video tutorial from our rasa hero and try understand the flow and process of Two-Stage Fallback Policy: Customize Two Stage Fallback Policy | Rasa X Chatbot - YouTube

Utter_default we used when we want a default fallback to be trigger while configure in the config.yml ( its a global message) and Utter_ask we can used in forms, mentioning the slots etc , But if you want some custom utterance with the help of 2 stage fallback you can mentioned that in the custom action code to trigger before entering in fallback, Please see the video. It will help you a lot. Good Luck!

I hope this will help you and solve your issue.

@nik202 Thankyou…I will check it out

@nik202 Hi… I went through the video and understood the implementation…I have one last doubt

If the user selects something else option, the intent triggering would be out of scope

Do I have to mention that intent somewhere in nlu?

Also is there an option to send payload in buttons in webex channel?

@CAkhil I guess yes and you also need to mention in the config file as well.

You can send the button payload but what is the Webx channel can you elaborate more is it for MS Team? If the button support this channel then I guess yes you can do it, else I’m afraid no. I have not implemented bot with MS Team.

@nik202 So i need to add intent out_of_scope in nlu and give examples?

Webex channel is just connecting to webex app.It is one of the channels available

@nik202 could u reply to that one doubt

@nik202 Hi…I tried implementing two stage fallback policy using the steps mentioned in that video, but everytime it is directly uttering action_default_fallback. It is not performing action_default_affirmation

@CAkhil Why do you need action_default_affirmation and how it’s related to fallback?

@nik202 It is used in Two Stage Fallback Policy when nlu_fallback gets triggered the first time…

@CAkhil Give me some time please and I will get back to you on this issue. Thanks