codes: GitHub - RasaHQ/tutorial-knowledge-base: Integrating Rasa with a knowledge base to encode domain knowledge and resolve entities

in action.py:(line 245, line 33)

entity_type = get_entity_type(tracker)----------------------------------①

def get_entity_type(tracker: Tracker) → Text:------------------------②

in stories.md:(line 14)

query attribute

  • query_attribute
  • action_query_attribute
  • slot{“mention”: null}
  • slot{“bank”: “N26”}

in nlu.md:(line 229)

  • In what [city] (attribute) is [N26] (bank) located?

My question is: when i input “In what city is N26 located?” only
it will run “action_query_attribute” and step into statement ① and ②.
And the main problem is that there is no slots named “entity_type”.
That means the slot is empty. Then you can’t find the result you want.
I would appreciate it if you could help me with this problem.