Trying to set values in slot vai button payload

Hi Team,

I am trying to set value of slot via payload but I am getting below error

Can someone help me what I am doing wrong

ERROR rasa.core.nlg.interpolator - Failed to fill utterance template ‘/budget_range {“budget_for2people”: “low”}’. Tried to replace ‘“budget_for2people”: “low”’ but could not find a value for it. There is no slot with this name nor did you pass the value explicitly when calling the template. Return template without filling the template.

intents: budget_range

slots: budget_for2people: type: categorical influence_conversation: true values: - low - medium - high - other


  • buttons:
    • payload: ‘/budget_range {“budget_for2people”: “low”}’ title: Lesser than Rs. 300
    • payload: ‘/budget_range {“budget_for2people”: “medium”}’ title: Rs. 300 to 700
    • payload: ‘/budget_range {“budget_for2people”: “high”}’ title: More than 700 text: What price range are you looking at?

I’ve met the same error. Do you figure this out? @sushilbshinde

Try having format of payload as - /intent{{“entities”:“entity value”}} It might help as suggested here

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@Saylee I have tried this for Rasa 2.3.2. but it is throwing error when validating the data using

rasa data validate

For me, formatting it this way works:

- payload: '/mood_great{"mood": "true"}'

I would say make sure you are using the correct quotes (type them from your keyboard instead of copying them from text NOT formatted as raw code, so " and ' instead of " or “ or ” or '.

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