Training data for chatbots with NLU

Hi everyone, I have a script I want to build as follows: User: Hello BOT: Hi, can you tell me your name? User: My name is Nguyen Thanh Tuan BOT: Thank you, hello Mr. Tuan. This is the question I want to ask:

  • How can the BOT recognize and respond to the name provided by the User provided that the name is not listed in the NLU
  • For example, my NLU is as follows:
  • Hello he [Tuan]
  • Hello he [Thanh]
  • Hello him [Tu] So what if the User enters another name, will I have to list all possible names in the NLU?. Thanks everyone, my English is not good.

First of all you need to understand NLU is understanding the meaning of the user’s input . Primarily focused on machine reading comprehension, NLU gets the chatbot to comprehend what a body of text means. NLU is nothing but an understanding of the text given and classifying it into proper intents. NLU can be applied to a lot of processes.

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Hi, can you configure a sample for me to refer to, about how you say