Train Init python file

Hi All

Trying to execute the scripts from Unix server facing the below error.


Script Contains

from future import absolute_import

from future import division

from future import unicode_literals

import logging

from rasa_core.agent import Agent

from rasa_core.policies.keras_policy import KerasPolicy

from rasa_core.policies.memoization import MemoizationPolicy

if name == ‘main’: logging.basicConfig(level=‘INFO’)

training_data_file = './data/'
model_path = './models/dialogue'

#agent = Agent('weather_domain.yml', policies = [MemoizationPolicy(), KerasPolicy()])
agent = Agent('domain.yml', policies = [MemoizationPolicy(), KerasPolicy()])

data = agent.load_data(training_data_file)

Thanks Kamesh

Hi @kamesh , did you solve the problem.