Train bot from Wiki


Is there any way that bot can start training by itself from wiki pages? or any other way that bot can respond from wiki pages.

Thanks, Harsh

Hi Harsh,

if you want the bot to extract the answers from a text there is no way to do this in rasa. There are question answering models out there (eg, so you could build a custom component yourself to integrate this into a rasa bot.

Thanks @imLew

Ok if I extract some question and its answer from wiki or any other page then how can i create utterances of that question automatically without manual intervention and train rasa.

eg. Let suppose I have a wiki page of Rasa.

My job extract -

Question: About Rasa

Response: Rasa is a …

So how can I create multiple utterances of About Rasa for training. Any python library?

You want to generate both questions and answers based on a text and use that as training data? I am not aware of any way to do this, much less a python library sorry

Only for questions. like rewrite paraphrase.