Train a bot with large dataset

Hi Team, I want to train a bot with large number of data, which may lead to out of memory or higher training time. Can you please suggest me any quick and effiecient ways to train my bot. Or can I train into chunks so to avoid those errors. please suggest me any ideas. Example: I have 10 data per intent and there will be 250 intents above for my bot training. also there will be some entities.


Hi @azharameen i don’t think you should run into any memory errors with that, however 10 examples per intent for 250 intents is way too few examples. How come you need 250 intents?

Hi @akelad, I am working on a bot for now it has few intents and few stories, later I will add more stories and entities and intents. Bot training was very slow at the time. syetem got hanged at training time. I am using the latest version of rasa stack 1.5.1.

Can you please share me the system requirements to train a large data set.