Tracker that gets sent to action server keeps on growing

I was troubleshooting a mysterious error. The channel is Facebook Messenger. After I interact my bot for a while, the action server stops getting request from Rasa.

When I put Rasa under debug mode, I noticed the error

rasa.utils.endpoints.ClientResponseError: 413, Request Entity Too Large

Then I realized that the tracker that gets sent to the action server keeps on growing as I interact with rasa, and once it reaches a certain size the request gets an error at the HTTP level before it even gets processed by the action server.

I am new to Rasa and might be looking at the wrong place but I looked everywhere in the document but can’t zero in on a setting that limit the tracker… Has anyone encountered the same issue?


You might want to look at the max_history setting in your policy (Policies).

Hi @eugenelin89! I would also recommend checking out a new feature we just shipped called conversation sessions. You can now define the period of inactivity after which a new conversation session is triggered, which will allow you to keep the tracker size down.