Tracker.latest_message["intent"].get("name") == "corona_help"

I am naive to this domain
if tracker.latest_message[“intent”].get(“name”) == “corona_help”:
required_slots = [“pin_code_confirmation”, “category_confirmation”]
If my input is corona_help it should traverse through two required slots (7.1 KB) but it is taking only one at time.
If you have any idea about this. Please help

rasa --version

@manojbanoth Try run. Hope it work (7.1 KB) I doubt but still.

Do check this in case your required : Forms

If not make a necessary change

if tracker.latest_message.get("corona_help"): In you original code.

@nik202 Throwing the error in both cases

@manojbanoth Yes, I know.

Check code line 50 - 56 as you mentioned  slots_mapped_in_domain but you not using.

update code something like

required_slots = slots_mapped_in_domain + ["corona help"]

Sorry about previous thread :frowning:

I add this it will add extra slot right?

No need to say sorry for the previous thread it helped me a alot

@manojbanoth do check this ok, sorry bit exhausted now rasa-sdk - githubmemory

I wish this will help you to get your solution. Do check the complete codes with files. I checked its matching with your objective :100: Do let me know in morning. Good Night Mate!

Good night :slight_smile:

@manojbanoth Any update? That link helped?

@nik202 I am still stuck. I have updated my action file (8.5 KB) but throwing error of extract_custom_slots. \

please help me to resolve this issue

@manojbanoth share me the original screenshot please of the error.


This is a rasa run actions error and rasa shell error after giving input as hi

@manojbanoth you in code using API? for fetching data? Have you adopted the proper JSON structure to fetch that key-value?

@nik202 I have done that in jupyter notebook. JSON structure is working fine

@manojbanoth Just sort that out first whilst fetching the key-value using only that script in Jupiter Notebook or PyCharm etc.

@manojbanoth can you highlight this part more to me what you trying to archive?{slot_value}

slot_value= ?

working fine checked again

If a user input as pin_code (zip code) say example 600036 is slot value

@manojbanoth If your API is working fine then I guess other section of code fetching requested_slot, slot_value or intent etc is not working as your error is POST request time out.

@manojbanoth Hey, I guess after detail discussion you were able to solve this issue or still you having problem?

@nik202 I found my error. I haven’t solved it, I stuck with the logic.
I have been trying a lot.
Thanks for the help.