Timestamp in ActionReverted()

Hi @akelad, I would like to ask you if the timestamp variable in ActionReverted() can control which action the bot should revert to. My case is bot saved the timestamp of the last action before an off-topic conversation came. Once the off-topic conversation was done, I set the variable in ActionReverted() with the saved timestamp. Unfortunately, the bot didn’t repeat the action just before the break point, rather looping the custom action where I added ActionReverted.

Here is the result in rasa shell

Here prints the tracker.event[-1]

Or is there any other methods that support reverting back to a certain action in history and forget interruption conversation in the middle? Thanks

@koaning Could you please help?

I do remember trying to use it but it just didn’t work.

If you look at it’s functionality, it’s essentially going back through the tracker and undoing each event until it reaches a certain timestamp. You could try implementing that.

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