The slot is filled as a list and how can we select to store it to database?

Hi @faiza_conte, can explain in more detail what you are trying to do? In your example, the slots with list entries (e.g. address, birthdate, height) seem to contain duplicates. Is that intended?

@alopez Yes they are being extracted twice …one by diet classifier and one by regexentityextracter…then it become a list…and when I try to insert it to the database it throws error that a list can not be converted to a mysql…so how can I select one of the list to store it to the database

Thanks for the explanation @faiza_conte. In this case I would recommend fixing the problem at its source, by only using one entity extractor.

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@alopez…okay …assume I get ride of regexentityextracter but I have regex in my nlu training data…or if u say get ride of diet classifier then what about the intents and other entities???

Sorry @faiza_conte, I think my response was probably wrong. It seems like the problem you have is that you are getting a list of values in these slots, but only want one value. Is that correct? What is the slot type?

@alopez The slot type is any and unfeuterized…

@faiza_conte Did your problem have been solved