Switching between Intents

While I am in the middle of the conversation related to one intent, and the next response is classified as another intent, an error - “Failed to extract slot (…) with action (…)” will appear, causing trouble in the smooth flow of the bot.

How to handle such error.

Like when such an error happens,

  • the bot should be able to ignore the previous action and shift to the present action. [or]
  • the bot should utter an error message and continue working.

How to handle this error? Thanks in Advance.

Hi @ManiNuthi

What do you mean by “conversation related to one intent”? Every user message will have an intent and they are usually different on every turn (unless the conversation is very boring or your intent class is very broad).

Are you using a form to extract the slots? What Rasa version are you on?

With forms, you’d specify how any slot should be extracted from the expected user message. If the message doesn’t contain that information the form will simply repeat the question. You can also specify not_intent in the form definition and add stories that describe what the bot should do in that case.

I am using forms to extract slots. I will repeat the problem again. When I am in the one form (where few slots are already mapped) and the next message is caused to trigger another form related to another intent, then the error “Failed to extract slot (…) with action (…)” will appear causing an interruption in the smooth flow of the bot.

How to handle such error ?

Are you on Rasa 2.0?

I have tried from Rasa 1.8.3 to Rasa 1.10

This message is more of a warning. It just means that the form tried to get a slot from the user and that slot was not provided. In that case, the next best policy will take over (probably TED). If it is TED, then how your bot handles this depends on you having good example stories that show TED what to do in that case. I assume you trigger the other form with stories?