Story writing

suppose in the data file , the entities have been mapped by a lookup table and , if suppose in the… i wan tot include an intent with that particular entity being filled , will I have to create a seperate line for each entity mentioned in the lookup table or the entity value will be automatically replaced . what I mean is that value just a dummy represenations say for eg:

intent: request_number_of_tenders


  • CPPP

  • Arunachal Pradesh

  • Assam

  • Haryana

  • Himachal Pradesh

  • Jammu and Kashmir

  • Kerala

  • Maharashtra

  • Manipur

  • Meghalaya

  • Mizoram

now in

  • request_number_of_tenders{“org_name”:“CPPP”}
    • utter_no_worries (will this statement alone suffice for all the organisations mentioned in the lookup table or do i have to create statements duplicate to each of them for every entry in the lookup table.,

If I understand your question correctly your actions are not dependent on the entity value detected, and hence you should use Slots to memorize the detected entity and carry it till response corresponding to the action. So in your case can look like this -

## intent:request_number_of_tenders
- What are the number of tenders of [CPPP](org_name) for the year 2019
- What are the number of tenders of [Jammu](org_name) for the month of January of the year 2017

## lookup:org_name
- Jammu

Add a slot for corresponding entity to domain.yml

    type: categorical
      - CPPP
      - Jammu

Add as many values as your entity type can take.

Now your response text tied to action utter_no_worries can use any of the detected entity by setting the template for response as(inside domain.yml file) -

  - text: "Get {org_name} something to fill"

The slot value for org_name is available to for use inside a custom action as well if you wish to do so. can look like this -

## tender
* request_number_of_tenders
  - utter_no_worries