Story Representation Problem in Google Assistant

hello people :slight_smile: :slight_smile: right now i am facing this problem that representation that i am getting on my google assistant interface like this , how can i solve this , I’ll be really thankful to you :slight_smile: @Juste @Bunny99 @jason @yashwanths112 @JiteshGaikwand @samscudder story_eror

“here is my code:”

"class ActionCategory(Action): #cat_key = 1

def name(self): return ‘action_category’

def run(self, dispatcher, tracker, domain):

category_response = “” category_response_json = requests.get(category_response).json() category_ls = {}


c_name = tracker.get_slot(‘category_name’)

if c_name == None: print(“category not coming”) else: print(“category coming” + c_name)

category_input = str(input(“Enter Category Name”))

for i in range(0, len(category_response_json[“data”])): category_id = category_response_json[“data”][i]["_id"] category_name = category_response_json[“data”][i][“name”] category_ls.update({category_name: category_id})

category_ls = {k.lower(): v for k, v in category_ls.items()}

for key, value in category_ls.items(): if c_name in key: print(key, value) cat_key = value

return cat_key

city_response = “” city_response_json = requests.get(city_response).json() print("-getting city name") city_namee = tracker.get_slot(‘city_name’)

if city_namee == None: print(“city not coming”)

else: print("city coming " + city_namee)

city_ls = {}

for i in range(0, len(city_response_json[“data”][0][“cities”])): city_id = city_response_json[“data”][0][“cities”][i]["_id"] city_name = city_response_json[“data”][0][“cities”][i][“city_name”] city_ls.update({city_name: city_id})

print(city_namee) city_ls = {k.lower(): v for k, v in city_ls.items()} for key, value in city_ls.items(): if city_namee in key: print(city_namee) print(key, value) city_key = value

brand_response = “{}?city_id={}&customer_id=53616c7465645f5faa59ae365d53a918300db538b645f77228ee71e304203c78dd7d9ef7916465f50aebc40159a6d677”.format( cat_key, city_key) brand_response_json = requests.get(brand_response).json() print(“brand list coming”) brand_ls = [] count1 = 1 #for i in range(0, len(brand_response_json[“data”][0][“result”])): for i in range(0, 10): brand_name = "{}. ".format(count1) + brand_response_json[“data”][0][“result”][i][“name”] count1 = count1 + 1 brand_ls.append(brand_name) #brand_name_ = “” #brand_ls = [str(x + 1) for x in brand_ls]

if c_name in category_ls: print(c_name) #c_name = c_name.toUpper() response = “Select Your Favourite {} brand from below list”.format(c_name) print(response)

#response = “Tell me the Category” else: response = “The category doesn’t exists in our application” print(response) for i in brand_ls: print(i) dispatcher.utter_message(response) return [SlotSet(‘category_name’, c_name),SlotSet(‘brand_list’,(’\n’.join(brand_ls)))]"

“Here is my domain.yml code:” "session_config: session_expiration_time: 0.0 carry_over_slots_to_new_session: true intents:

  • greet
  • goodbye
  • inform entities:
  • city_name
  • category_name
  • name
  • deal_list
  • brand_list slots: brand_list: type: list category_name: type: text city_name: type: text deal_list: type: list name: type: text responses: utter_greet:
    • text: Hello! How can I help? utter_ask_city:
    • text: Tell me your City? utter_ask_category:
    • text: Tell me the category to show you the related brands? utter_goodbye:
    • text: Its being nice to talk to you. Bye bye :slight_smile: utter_ask_brand:
    • text: Tell me your favourite brand? utter_list_of_deals:
    • text:

    • text: “{brand_list\n}\n” actions:
  • utter_greet
  • utter_ask_city
  • utter_goodbye
  • utter_ask_brand
  • utter_ask_category
  • action_brand
  • action_city
  • action_category
  • utter_list_of_deals
  • utter_list_of_brands "

Hi @Malik. Could you please update your message and format the code as well as the contents of your .yml files as code? You can do that by adding “`” at the beginning and the end each block. That will make the message easier to read.

domain.yml file: