Story Form Submit

Can i add action in the end of story like this :

  • story: form calcul credit


    • checkpoint: check_calculcredit

    • action: calculcredit_form

    • active_loop: calculcredit_form

    • slot_was_set:

      • requested_slot: null
    • action: calculcredit_form

    • active_loop: null

    • action : utter_happy

almost yes, you can use it in story and also in the rules it’s better in my opinion .


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But the action utter_happy it is not working

hi there ???

try to use rule for the forms i have no idea why not working and check the action already found in the domain file

But , rules could handle one intent (input message)

if you use form no, it call every utter_<slot_name> or custom action slots (action_<slot_name>)until fill or store the required data into the slots of the form.