Store user input into database

hi community ,

hi @JiteshGaikwad , am working on a project for a team that works with python , I want to make the chatbot collecting information ( problems and solution ) from members of the team and I want to store them into database

then i want to train the bot on that data stored in database , and if a new member faced a problem he can ask the bot about the solution , the bot will fetch response

can you help me please ?

Hi Ghaith,

You can use forms or custom actions to store problems and solutions in the database.

To build a new model with the information you’ve collected you would need to collect multiple utterance examples for each problem/solution. Each intent should have quite a few examples.

To train a new model, you can write a custom data importer to read the data from your database. You can look at our example CI/CD pipeline with GitHub Actions to generate a new model and push it to your production instance.