Stop words not working properly (?)

Hello guys! I’m having some problems with stop words, i dont know if it supposed to work this way but in my config.yml file i have:

As you can see in this first print, the CountVectorsFeaturizer have some stop words.

In this second print you can see a users message, works fine.

In this third print tho, the bot predict a completly diferent intent just because the user add a word ‘na’ in his sentence. But the word ‘na’ is a stop word, as you can see in the first print. Am i missing something here? Is this supossed to happen or it was supposed to ignore this ‘na’? If stop words works like this, how can I remove this kind of words from user’s input?

Hi @henrysoares1

Could this be because the word “na” is still being featurized by one of the other featurizers?

I have the same problem ? any help please ? In my case, i have removed all other featureizer but the problem still the same !

@henrysoares1 have you find a solution please ?