Stop all story action if python deems so

  • story: Keywords steps:
    • intent: c_reserved_words
    • action: action_chitchat
    • action: utter_ask_stack

How would I allow the action_chitchat to break the steps instead of continuing to go to action: utter_ask_stack?

You may be looking for the ConversationPaused event.

I tried to make it work with ConversationPaused and it’s still NOT stopping the conversation:

            return []

- story: C data types
  - intent: data_types_c
  - action: action_chitchat
  - action: **utter_ask_stack** <---- it shouldn't go here if action_chitchat abandons/forces endofchat

{“event”: “user_featurization”, “timestamp”: 1619738026.5600832, “use_text_for_featurization”: false} {“event”: “action”, “timestamp”: 1619738026.5600996, “name”: “action_chitchat”, “policy”: “policy_1_TEDPolicy”, “confidence”: 0.970028817653656, “action_text”: null, “hide_rule_turn”: false} {“event”: “action”, “timestamp”: 1619738026.5721803, “name”: “utter_ask_stack”, “policy”: “policy_1_TEDPolicy”, “confidence”: 0.9987281560897827, “action_text”: null, “hide_rule_turn”: false}