sqlalchemy.exc.NoSuchModuleError: Can't load plugin: sqlalchemy.dialects:MySQL

Hey, I am getting the following error: sqlalchemy.exc.NoSuchModuleError: Can’t load plugin: sqlalchemy.dialects:MySQL sys:1: RuntimeWarning: coroutine ‘Loop.create_server’ was never awaited

My endpoints file look like this:

  type: SQL
  dialect: "MySQL" # the dialect used to interact with the db
  url: "localhost"  # (optional) host of the sql db
  db: "rasa.db"  # path to your db
  username: ****  # username used for authentication
  password: **** # password used for authentication

Any help would be appreciated, I pretty new at… Well, everything.

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Hi @LostButImproving, can you try changing the dialect from “MySQL” to “mysql”? This is how it is formatted here: Engine Configuration — SQLAlchemy 1.3 Documentation

Do you have a MySQL db set up on your machine/server?

Hey @erohmensing, thank you for your help.

I am not currently at work, so I cant double check, but I believe I already did try it with that formatting, and I do have a running mysql db running on my machine.